PolyHack Hackathon

FILE TO RUN IS Vocalchestra.py

Welcome to Vocalchestra, your very own DIY orchestra where the only instrument needed is your voice.
We give you the ability to sing whatever it is you want to hear transcribed on your favorite orchestra 
instruments. To use:

1. Open the file
2. Set the duration of how long you'd like this recording to be
3. Record your self singing
4. (optional) Press play to hear what your voice sounded like
5. CREATE NEW TRACK (very important that this is done before conversion)
6. Choose instrument
7. Press convert
				Repeat steps 3-7 until you 
				are happy with number of recordings
8. Press Play Project to have all of your musical tracks layered on top of each other
9. Go to the folder that oyu downloaded the audio files and the program to
10. Play 'combined.wav' to enjoy your new creation!

Ten steps and that's all it takes to be a vocals only conductor!
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