Physics project

I needed to make an experiment for the IB Physics-HL class. Since I love making and flying RC model planes, I wanted to create a mathematical model of the correlation between the angle of attack and the lift force of a wing. I chose an appropriate low speed airfoil section from this paper and used the airfoil vertex data in the paper to draw a 3D model of the wing. Then I 3D printer a wing using the model, and designed and made a stand with a servo motor which I used to set the angle of attack of the wing to any value I want from my computer via an Arduino board. I also put the wing on an electronic balance to measure the lift force.

I used a desktop fan that I made by using 3D printing some RC model plane parts.

I finally produced the equation in the figure below.

You can dowload the paper below in which I explained the project in more detail.

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