Isometric Online Game From Scratch


In my junior year in highschool I was experimenting with Windows’s socket library, then I and a friend of mine who lived in another city made a simple online game together in C without using any library, so we could play our game together from different places. We used Winsock (windows socket API) to make the server and client modules and windows graphics API to make the 2D rendering engine. That was an incomplete work that we made just for fun, but after a year later we started making this online game using the same tools in C. So far I finished making a map editor using the 2D graphics engine I made before, and another friend of mine designed all the graphics from scratch and used the editor to make the map below.

Map Editor:

Current features

  • Client Server codes.
  • FPS limiter and precise FPS counter
  • map editor
  • multiple layers for map editor
  • Rendering optimization for alpha channel
  • transparency – alpha channel support
  • grid snap options
  • animation support
  • Dynamically Resizable window (this was super hard – the program actively renders while resizing the window)

TODO list:

  • integration of the client and server modules
  • Complete the game story
  • Make game rules
  • Simple 2D collision system for game objects
  • GUI system and GUI graphics
  • Make more maps
  • Multithreading for graphics

Game Development Team

  • Ege Özgül – project founder, game engine programming
  • Ekin Güven – graphics design, pixel art
  • Ege Aydın – socket programming
  • Yiğit Gündüz – sound effects
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