My model planes

Infineon 3D RC Plane

This is a 3D aerobatic model plane I made at home from scratch using depron when I was 13 years old. It has a powerfull brushless motor and it can easily lift vertically.

My Custom RC F-15 Jet Model Plane

I made this F-15 when I was 13 years old in my room. I modified the design by attaching a backward folding propeller which prevents the propeller from breaking while landing.

Other Planes That I Bought as KIT and Assembled:

The gas powered trainer plane below was my first model plane that my father bought when I was 11. To prepare flying this plane, I spent hours practicing landing in a RC plane flight simulator called REFLEX. After flying this plane lots of times, I was able to fly, repair, and make model planes independently.

This was my second model plane kit that my father bought me as a gift since he loves gliders. I also love gliders since they fly so naturally and smoothly without any noise.

This is a Hellcat from WW2. This was a terrible cheap model pane that I bout as kit. It crashed during take off multiple times and I fixed it more than 3 times. Finally I decided to convert it to a static Hellcat Wreck model.

My Custom Drone

I made this drone in my room during my first year in high-school. It has dji-Naza flight controller, carbon props, 235 watt brushless motors, and 3S1P 8Ah LiPo battery.

Custom Convertible Drone

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