I Make

Hi, I am a 3D printing and electronics enthusiast, as well as a sailor. I love solving engineering problems creatively to create things and these are some of my creations.

3D Software Rendering Engine

This is my custom 3D rendering engine that I designed and programmed using C from scratch without using any external library. I implemented Gerstner ocean wave simulation model and floated a 3D boat model dynamically on the waves.

3D Procedural Planet Generation

An OpenGL(C++) program which procedurally generates a 3D planet surface.

My Custom 3D Printer

I designed and built this 3D printer which has a printing volume of 110x70x50 cm.

Wifi Controlled Robotic Arm

This is a wifi controlled mobile robotic arm that I designed and 3d printed.

Modeling the Performance of a Sailboat

I am a sailor, and I used my sailing, math, programming, and electronics skills to produce a mathematical model of the performance of Laser Radial sailboat.

Convertible Drone

This is a convertible drone that I designed and built with my friends. This can convert from drone to a flying wing.

2D Gravity Game

This is a gravity game that I designed which helps the player learn the intuition behind the gravitational forces by flying a spacecraft in the space. I used a 2D rendering engine that I wrote from scratch in C to make the game.

Model Fishing Boat

This is a wooden RC model fishing boat that I built from scratch.

Minkowski Sum Project

The goal of this project was to build a 2D physics engine using my custom 2D rendering engine. In fact I instead developed and optimized a 2D collision response algorithm using the Minkowski Sum method. I also made a 2D Minkowski sum calculator to assist learning the concept.

My First 3D Printer

This is my first Rep-Rap printer that I built and used for most of my projects.

Bluetooth Controlled Mobile Robotic Arm

This is my Bluetooth controlled desktop robot that I designed and 3D printed.

3D Animations

These are my 3D animations that I made for clubs and competitions in high-school.

My Pesticide Sprayer Robot

This is a semi-autonomous robot that I built and programmed from scratch. It can spray liquid pesticide to vegetables autonomously.

Wifi Controlled Lamp

This was a club project that I leaded in highSchool. We programmed an http server on an 8Bit-AVR MCU to build a wifi controlled lamp.

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